Accessibility Matters

Make storytelling a fully inclusive experience 

Designed to enable customers to comply with government legislation, and to allow audience members with visual or auditory impairment to enjoy the experience the same as any other visitor. For experiences to be enjoyed by audiences with hearing or visual impairment, Delta supports closed captioning and description audio captioning.

Delta’s StackCaptioning system uses special Augmented Reality glasses which overlay subtitles on the viewed scene and optionally plays back audio to local earphones so audience members can follow the narrative of the experience. The overlaid subtitles and audio are supplied as SRT and MP3 file formats and together with a web-based database, synchronise with the media playback on Delta via a local network. This ensures that the closed captioning system can wait for a trigger from Delta, then play the correct captioning. (image credit: Epson)

Multiple applications to suit your venue and team's needs:

  • Theatres with devices available in all seats. A trigger is sent from Delta Media Server to all devices as the show begins to initiate the captions.
  • Dark rides with devices provided on request. An operator puts the device into start mode as they hand it to the user, the device listens on the network for when the first scene starts, and each scene thereafter.

Captioning triggered by the Delta show timeline.

  • Uses mp3 audio files, and Android devices for text captions.
  • Multiple language facility and Unicode character support.
  • Full offline configuration and preview.
  • Live caption broadcast facility.
  • Device access for users of Epson glasses can be restricted.
  • Optional navigation bar on Android devices.
  • Unicode support for multi-language capability and content sources.

Your overall site can be configured for each attraction within which the timeline is divided into ‘scenes’ and, optionally, user-selectable ‘subscenes’.

Scenes define the captions, which can be in text or audio format, with your required language options. Text captions are compiled in standard SRT format files, and can be custom styled.

  • The visitor receives the captioning device to wear or hold.
  • The device listens for the first scene trigger and plays the captions.
  • As each scene ends, the device listens for the next scene trigger.
  • After the last caption in the final scene, the device returns to its ‘home’ state to be handed back.

Real-time language translation - a choice of language can also be built into the system so people can sit next to each other and enjoy their own experience in their own language

Useful in a venue to broadcast audio announcements as captions, either for hearing impaired people, or in loud ambient environments.

With the Live Captions feature, a UDP event can be added to the Delta timeline at any time, with a command containing the caption as a text string. This sends the live caption to all devices.

  • Messages can be timed to persist, or time-out, and either interrupt or replace normal media caption playback.
  • Combine this feature with the in-built web interface Designer app to provide pre-set push-button interaction for broadcasting Live Captions such as “please stay seated, the ride will resume operation momentarily”.
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