Image of Actor®

Next generation 7thSense media server

7thSense’s next generation media server solution, Actor®, has been built from the ground up to be efficient, flexible and simple for large to small-scale projects around the world. Learning from many years of experience, Actor brings together 7thSense’s values of pioneering innovation and passion for performance.

Actor® is the next generation 7thSense media server that includes the renowned reliability, quality, and dependability that our Delta media server technology is known for, along with improved flexibility, scalability, and usability.

Actor was designed with system programming in mind and uses the power of the hardware that it runs on.

It performs the role as an actor would in a play, a film, or a show - playing back the images, or the ‘script’. But it’s still able to improvise and make a few adjustments to its performance, if required.


  • Features SMPTE ST 2110 support to ensure all solutions are compliant to specifications
  • 240 FPS uncompressed playback
  • Dynamic blends
  • Keyframing
  • Timeline-based programming
  • Cluster/system-wide programming
  • Multi-user programming
  • NotchLC codec support
  • OSC input for server control


  • Media management
  • Uncompressed streaming
  • Built from the ground up with low-overhead Vulkan graphics backbone
  • Simple workflow for both large and small scale projects

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