The highest performing media serving for total control of pre-recorded, real-time or interactive media.

Build, edit and manage shows via a simple interface.

Via an intuitive drag & drop user interface, have direct access to multiple resources, multiple timelines and multiple servers.

Get direct access to detailed configuration of the server, warp & blending of all projection channels, display configuration and management, spline editing, mesh editing and even dome projector layout design. Use the GUI for simple dialogue-based wizards to create a slideshow, 3D Stereo show, warp & blend layout for flat screens or dome display systems.

Rock-solid, frame-accurate source of the highest quality media from Delta Media Server.

  • Chosen for its uncompressed, perfect quality media playback, our solutions are flexible enough to match any display surface, whether flat, cylindrical, fulldome, half dome or virtually any 3D object.
  • Achieve frame accuracy across multiple servers using Ethernet and genlock (hardware) based timing, necessary in blended projection systems where any temporal difference is easily noticed by the audience.
  • Lower the cost of purchase, power consumption and rack space supporting multiple uncompressed video (up to 16) and audio (up to 64) outputs per server utilisation without compromising on quality.

Supports capture devices as a source of media, allowing customers to show live camera feeds, captured imagery from other computers or streamed media from the internet.

  • Our media servers are trusted for cutting edge playback with hundreds of 4K and 8K media servers already fielded. The hardware design supports high resolution (8K x 4K and beyond) and high frame rate (up to 240FPS) playback, coupled with the necessary real-time interaction necessary for our customer’s demanding system designs.
  • Live capture resources act like any other visual media, so they can be sized, mixed, warped and have many special effects applied to them.

Real-time high fidelity interactive 3D scenes

DeltaRealTime merges the high-fidelity playback of Delta Media server with real-time interactive assets to putting all this at your fingertips:

  • Composition of high resolution, high frame-rate, uncompressed playback with high quality real-time assets in a 3D environment, with per-pixel 3D depth information from platforms such as Unity and Unreal.
  • Composition of multiple real-time sources together in a 3D environment, with per-pixel 3D depth information from platforms such as Unity and Unreal - allowing rendering load of real time sources to be spread across multiple nodes.

A stunning result is achieved by matching camera definitions for pre-rendered playback media and real-time frames, and then compositing pre-rendered and real-time content based on depth and mathematical definition (stencil) information, on a per-pixel basis.

Interactive environments are becoming more and more popular with the advent of platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

These platforms provide an easy-to-use powerful set of tools to create 3D scenes – whether for a game, simulation environment or visitor attraction.

  • The applications are endless, but the demands on computing power are very high, depending on resolution, complexity and the quality sought.

With DeltaRealTime, we provide a fully-comprehensive mixture of high resolution real-time and playback media- making available the use of lighting, blooming, shading, occlusion and particles.

By pre-rendering the parts of the 3D scene that are known to be consistent, and require no real-time interaction, it is possible to focus the real-time graphics generation on the parts of the scene that are required to be truly interactive. The playback media (pre-rendered) and real-time parts are composited dynamically, using depth information generated by the real-time engine. In this mode, pixels that are occluded, or exist in the pre-rendered frame, are culled so that no unrequired pixels are added to the frame load.

  • Functionality is also provided for multiple real-time feeds to be composited together in 3D to enable real-time scene rendering across multiple render nodes.

  • Add another dynamic factor with real-time stencil feed. Here, the R, G and B channels are utilised to carry information for the real-time assets, to add dynamic lighting, shading and transparency effects.

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