Image of Conjurer®

Our generative content solution that brings generative engines into our Compere workflow.

Conjurer brings in the well-known generative engines within our Compere workflow (such as Unreal Engine®, Unity®, TouchDesigner® and Notch®) to allow control, show programming and configuration of the generative clusters within the same UI and workflow as the Media Servers and Pixel Processors.

Conjurer also supports game engine cluster rendering for Mega Canvasses. It allows for shows, and experiences, to be created ‘on-the-fly’ as a highly adaptive and powerful generative solution.

Conjurer performs as the ‘magician’ of the Performer range. It’s given instructions on what to do, and then it creates the magic in front of your eyes, where there was no pre-rendered content before.


  • Takes into account timings, audience reaction and environmental factors – ebbing and flowing with audience response, to make it truly magical and personal for them – delivering the experience in real-time.
  • Conjurer is completely dynamic and can take on changes to the show or content output right up until the point of execution during the show.
  • Conjurer’s features work well with those of Actor (such as Comp Mode and Warp and Blend) to make the AV output components of the experience be exactly as they need to be.


  • Launch and close generative assets based on timeline programming
  • Agnostic bi-directional asset control in Compere to Unreal or Unity
  • Utilise keyframing and timeline-based programming for Assets within Generative applications
  • Common UI in Compere for control of both Unity® or Unreal®

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