Medialon Manager V7

Software that turns any PC into a show controller

Programming interface, GUI builder, and show execution engine that's remarkably easy to program - all in one piece of software! Medialon Manager is a Windows®-based control software. Its ease of programming and reliability is why it is widely used in both simple and critical control applications such as: museum media control, theme parks and attractions, live show control, automated architectural video & lighting control, convention centre audio & video remote control, and more.

With Medialon Manager you can control audiovisual equipment using any protocol and network. Being software based, it integrates easily with IT for a wide range of applications. Control of audio and video streaming, linking to external data sources such as databases, media management, and facility-wide show control systems are fast to deploy with Medialon Manager.

Thanks to its easy graphical programming environment, you can program applications far faster than with any other conventional control system. There’s no need to learn how to code or compile; Medialon Manager uses a real-time execution engine. Its native synchronization capabilities and easy to use Timeline with dragand drop-programming make it an excellent choice for show control applications. And when you need it, creating complex logical tasks and automation is just as easy using the same drag and drop tools. Medialon Manager is hardware independent and relies on standard hardware from IT or audiovisual industries to connect to devices.

For interactive games or generative media applications, Unity® programmers can access Tasks and Variables in Medialon show control systems using the OpenCapXML plugin for Unity®.

This plugin makes it easy for Unity programmers to link to Medialon Manager and Showmaster projects to trigger tasks, update variable values in the Medialon project, and subscribe to variable value updates from the Medialon project.

With the OpenCapXML plugin for Unity, Medialon control systems become a bridge between the virtual (Unity®) world and the physical world where devices (such as lighting equipment, audio playback, fans, smell generators, heat lamps, water misters, vibration transducers, and video projection/displays) can all work together to tell an interactive story using a built environment, and can even be pre-programmed and debugged before sending to site by mocking it up in the virtual environment.

Faster programming

  • Sync - Drag and drop programming through Timeline tasks.
  • Accuracy - One hundredth of a second Timeline synchronisation accuracy with position tracking of controlled devices
  • Timecode - Timeline tasks use a native synchronization rate of 100 frames per second, but this can be changed to 24, 25, 30, or 30 (drop frame) frame rates. Timelines can synchronise to time from any time variable in the system, including SMPTE Timecode, MIDI Timecode, time of day, or timecode returned from connected devices.
  • Cue Recording - Incoming DMX, Serial, MIDI, and network data streams can be recorded in real time and played back in Timeline tasks. This is particularly useful for lighting chases, animatronic figure motion profiles, or anything where the source data comes from analogue devices like sliders.
  • User Interfaces - Custom user interfaces are designed in Medialon Manager and published as web pages called WebPanels, accessible from any network connected device with a web browser. WebPanel user interfaces can include buttons, sliders, text displays, LED indicators, editable text fields, gauges, pictures, and static text. Medialon Manager V6 Pro includes ten simultaneous WebPanel connections standard and can be upgraded by purchasing packs of 10 WebPanel connections.

Medialon Manager V7 Now Available – New Features Include:

  • Autosave
  • Auto Start Task Property
  • Direct linking of Variables and Expressions in Properties of UserScreen objects
  • Expressions in Cue Parameters
  • Assign Colors / Tags to Devices, Tasks, Variables, and filter using Smart Groups
  • iFrames in WebPanels
  • “Find this object reference”
  • “Close all but this” in Task Editor
  • Align UserScreen objects to page extents
  • Contextual menu item to Lock/Unlock, Group/Ungroup, and Move UserScreen objects
  • 60 fps / 120 fps timecode frame rates

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