Medialon Marquee®

Image of Medialon Marquee®

Dynamic GUI Builder for installations that use Medialon Show Control Solutions

Medialon Marquee is a software application that enables users to create dynamic graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for installations that use Medialon Manager and Showmaster show control solutions. Used in both simple and critical control applications such as museum media control, theme parks, attractions and live show control, Marquee allows users to create, design and deploy modern show control user interfaces.

Built using the Unity® game engine, Marquee includes a library of modern user interface elements and is designed for users to quickly and intuitively build custom interfaces without any programming expertise.

User access can be controlled with a keypad widget that causes GUI elements to be shown or hidden, clickable or view-only.

Content and design elements such as colour, position, and size can be tied to variables and tasks shared by a Medialon show control project, making it possible to create fully dynamic control panels and information displays.

Marquee is a free software application that extends the functionality of existing Medialon Manager V6 and Showmaster V2 systems.

Marquee features a library of design assets including:

  • Buttons
  • progress bars
  • sliders
  • text display objects
  • text entry fields,
  • lists
  • dropdown item selection boxes
  • LED indicators
  • notification pop-ups
  • containers for external content such as NDI streams.

As a free product, the number of Marquee instances allowed to interface with a Medialon product follows the same limitation as Medialon WebPanels:

  • 1 connection for Showmaster Mini
  • 2 connections for Manager Lite
  • 3 connections for Showmaster LE
  • 10 connections for Showmaster Pro and Manager Pro

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