Showmaster Mini

Image of Showmaster Mini

Ruggedised Embedded Show Control for Simple Museum AV Control Applications

This capable and flexible device is suited to simple AV control applications and installation types. Its ruggedised, fanless, small form factor makes it easy to mount where AV racks aren’t suitable. Showmaster Mini carries a reduced-feature version of Medialon Manager show control software, making it a low-cost solution that still carries the power, flexibility, and ease of use Medialon is known for.

AV Control, Simplified... Sometimes all you need to do is schedule and automate your AV system’s daily power-up and shutdown sequences, or have a tablet interface for managing media on a video wall, but you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a full show control solution. Showmaster Mini is ideal for these simple applications, and is compatible with other Medialon products so it can work as a sub-system controller under the scope of a larger Medialon system.


  • Designed for less demanding applications, it starts with a 20-device limitation, expandable in 10-device batches up to a max of 50 devices. This show controller runs Medialon Manager V6 for Showmaster Mini, which in comparison means:No Timelines, Step-based tasks only
  • 1 × WebPanel connection (not expandable)
  • No Timecode or MIDI resources
  • 1 Universe of Art-Net or sACN lighting control (in or out)


  • Showmaster Mini uses Advantech industrial automation hardware, built for long-term use in demanding environments.
  • Its fanless design means no moving parts to replace, and its tiny form factor allows you to save rack space for equipment that needs it; Showmaster Mini can be DIN rail mounted with the included mounting brackets, meaning you can put it almost anywhere.

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