7thSense Releases Delta Media Server® 2.8 with NotchLC Codec Support and OSC Input

We are pleased to announce the 2.8 release of Delta Media Server. The new version introduces two powerful features to its extensive suite of capabilities; NotchLC codec support, and OSC input to control the server. 

Delta Media Server is trusted for cutting-edge media playback by thousands of operational installations worldwide. The Delta Media Server platform provides a huge set of tools to manage and play back uncompressed media onto most surfaces or objects. The platform’s features include projector alignment, timeline-based show creation, live capture content streaming, and compositing of live captured media.

Jack Dowd, senior product manager at 7thSense explains, “NotchLC has become the de-facto codec for a balance between, size, speed and quality. It keeps the quality of the media high without the need for large capacity storage, and media loading in time is significantly reduced since the files are so much smaller”.

NotchLC is a visually lossless codec that allows much faster encoding of media compared to uncompressed frames, and uses about one fifth of the drive space, all without compromising image quality. Movies encoded with NotchLC can have 10-bit equivalent information, which allows for clean gradients without banding - significantly reducing file sizes and media bandwidth.

OSC (Open Sound Control) is an industry-standard control protocol used by many audiovisual (AV) devices for controlling and monitoring status of devices. Delta Media Server 2.8 includes support for OSC input, simplifying integration with a wide variety of OSC-enabled control applications.

Eric Cantrell, director of sales and marketing at 7thSense, adds, “Delta Media Server is now able to be controlled by a host of control software and hardware that speak OSC natively, making it even easier to integrate into existing systems”.

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