7thSense Supports First Ever 8K 5G Live Stream for Verizon’s 2020 Super Bowl Live

The 2020 Super Bowl Live in Orlando was streamed over 5G in real-time to the Verizon 5G Stadium – an 8K immersive dome experience in Bayfront Park, Miami.

To make the historic broadcast possible, the teams involved used Verizon’s 5G network and two Insta360 Pro 2 360 live streaming cameras to capture the game as it happened. 7thSense’s Infinity Media Server received the live 8K stream and converted it, in real-time, for the 8K dome display.

Images used with thanks to Glow

7thSense technologies were used to receive the 5G 8K stream from 200 miles away, converting the stream into dome format and serving the media into the dome for live viewing of the game as a virtual, immersive experience – and the first ever of its kind.

Eric Lehman, 7thSense

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