Ultimate  Interactivity

Serious control to suit you and your team with Delta Media Servers.

Use anything from simple play/stop/rewind playheads to complex logic-driven decision making. Wrap up complex sequences of protocol commands into a named sequence with Delta’s built-in sequence manager and call them directly from external control or placed on the timeline.

Complex server behaviour from simple commands. The Sequence manager can perform variable manipulation, conditional branching, time delays and more from a simple code language. (image credit: SimEx-Iwerks)

Our StackSignage module allows a set of Delta Media Servers to interact with a Scheduler server database where advanced Delta software apps provide continuous playback of scheduled media for multiple large-format digital displays, live events and paid display installations.

  • Customise schedules and load ahead of time with our web-based content-management interface. A unique system configuration that automates scheduling using individual weighting per media to meet precise advertising and paid content contracts.
  • An easy-to-use timeline interface allows for live playback management and manual override of scheduled media.

Hot-swap functionality provides a dedicated, fail-proof solution for continuous playback and accurate proof-of-performance logs for advertisers from our webcam Snapshot utility.

  • Scheduler: app for primary and backup scheduling servers.
  • Player: app for accessing the user interface on Delta Media Servers.
  • Mediasync (optional) sync media from NAS to Delta Media Servers.
  • Snapshot (optional): uses cameras to take snapshots of the output displays at intervals for proof of play.

Direct control from user to server.

Delta Media Server inherently supports touch interfaces allowing customer interaction directly with the server’s playback window without any other user interface.

  • Ideal for museum exhibits where visitors interact with media assets including movies, audio, and still imagery.
  • User interfaces can be constructed on the server’s playback window using media assets
  • Trigger sequences of actions in the built-in Sequence Manager, allowing complex behaviour from a single button press.

Delta Media Servers support a wide range of industry standard interfaces to displays, audio systems, cameras, touchscreens and more.

Delta has a built-in web service which can serve cross-platform, user-created web pages that control the server (or servers) from anywhere on the network.

  • Operators can drag and drop buttons, images, feedback panels and other widgets to create their own themed user interfaces to control any of Delta’s features through the English language external control protocol.
  • Delta’s Web Service also supports clock-based scheduling to allow operators to program a whole day’s events into the server itself. The web service also has a plugin architecture, allowing even more interaction directly with Delta from the user’s own code.

Track and projection map at up to 240 frames per second, using multiple projectors – keeping the media locked to the object as it moves around freely in a 3D space.

Our unique system calculates the position of where each media pixel should be on which output, allowing media to be projected onto moving 3D objects - updating the position of the media at a very high frame rate, using low latency camera position tracking.

Not only can the system be used to projection map content onto objects, but it can also be used to define where we don’t want pixels to be projected. Within a dark ride experience, for example, a ride vehicle moving through a scene with projected environmental content can have the vehicle be projected upon, but not the guests inside it, all using the same projectors.

As a truly innovative solution for projection mapping ‘on-the fly’ onto dynamic 3D objects, the opportunities are vast for highly immersive, engaging and interactive applications.

See it in action.

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