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Extend the possibilities of your media server and live content with our powerful pixel processing range.

Juggler is the highly modular hardware-based pixel processor range by 7thSense. Designed to simplify the management of multiple sources and outputs for complex high-resolution systems, multi-screen experiences, mega canvasses, and warped/blended projection displays.

7thSense’s Juggler® pixel processor range is designed to manage large canvas, multi-screen, and blended display systems. Typically, these applications require a high level of flexibility, signal density, and extremely low processing latency.

What inputs do you need to combine… and to what outputs?

The Juggler system maps the whole-site canvas, uniting, processing and placing all sources with all displays, expanding inputs and outputs as required.


  • Juggler is not fixed to typical formats, bit-depths, and frame rates allowing to support the signal bandwidth you need to show your content without compromise.
  • In line with the 7thSense support of the highest-grade uncompressed content on their media server platforms, the Juggler products have the headroom and scalability to support incredibly large systems supporting UHD @ 60FPS 10-bit 4:4:4 signals, maintaining the quality of content from file to screen. As a flexible and customisable product line, Juggler supports input and output signals up to DCI 4K @ 60FPS 12-bit 4:4:4, or various other signals at 120FPS.
  • The Juggler 1 RU chassis has two card slots for a choice of DisplayPort, HDMI, or high-speed fibre optic source linking (bussing). Additionally, Juggler has a built-in HDMI input and output, plus SFP ports to support additional bus expansion or 12G SDI modules. While a single unit is quite powerful, the Juggler chassis can be linked using the high-speed fibre optic source linking to build very large systems.
  • Juggler 2 has two ultra-high-speed slots for signal networks/bussing (25G+) and four high speed slots to support a variety of baseband signal interfaces, including DisplayPort and HDMI. Chassis linking supports incredibly large and complex systems, while still maintaining the quality from source to screen.
  • Daisy-chain units as required via its proprietary high-speed box to box fibre-optic link, to expand I/O type and capacity. Juggler also offers confidence monitoring of all inputs via thumbnail matrix.
  • Modular hardware base for high bit-depth pixel-based colour processing, warp and blend. This leaves media servers to run media shows as inputs among others, within a single overall canvas. 2D, passive and active stereo 3D are fully supported.
  • Minimal latency, essential for live performance. Juggler genlocks all sources to same-frame accuracy, with instant system failover across all connected devices via frame-data monitoring (API available for third-party sources).
  • Juggler’s node-based graphical user interface, Compere, can be used for complete system topology visualisation.
  • Live manipulation of windows is made possible through the Compere user interface or via touch-based control when used in conjunction with Medialon Marquee.

The possibilities of Juggler are as wide as your imagination.

  • Configurability: multiple Juggler processors can be linked via high-speed box-to-box fibre-optic cables, to add additional input and output capability.
  • Video Signals: up and down scaling, video matrixing, picture-in-picture, time base correcting, format conversion, framerate conversion, signal type conversion, and bit-depth.
  • Features ST 2110 input and output to support the latest in video signal distribution standards.
  • DisplayPort™ 1.2, 12G SDI and HDMI® 2.0 baseband modules.
  • Supports input and output bandwidth up to DCI 4K @ 60FPS 12-bit 4:4:4.
  • Video signal type conversion between most digital input and output interfaces including baseband and ST 2110 (analogue not supported).
  • Warp and Blend via 2D MPCDI file import.
  • Colourspace mapping via 3D LUT.
  • DisplayPort SST to MST Conversion.
  • External control over IP (TCP, UDP, Art-Net™).
  • User interface: 7thSense Compere.
  • Confidence monitoring for all inputs via front panel.

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