Display Technologies

Immense flexibility working with any display configuration.

Place moving media onto virtually anything – buildings, vehicles… any 3D shape.

3D Auto-Cal is built into Delta Mesh Mode as a key alignment stage, helping minimise time required manually aligning projectors on-site.

In Mesh Mode measure each projector position, angle and lens characteristics and input them directly into Delta to build a 3D virtual set that matches the real 3D scene.

Overcome the tricky realities around onsite accuracy using Delta’s fully adjustable, 6-point channel configuration. Calculate position and lens characteristics using markers placed on your 3D model and then projected onto your scene.

Achieve near perfect geometric alignment from 3D virtual models onto the real thing.

  • Align all projector channels (World coordinates) or on a per channel basis.
  • Saves all adjustments to separate companion files to the original OBJ and leave the original OBJ untouched.
  • Non-destructive editing. Reset single or multiple points at any time, even after saving the file.
  • Hide single or multiple faces in the model, apply clipping planes for easier selection, alter movement size to match the model dimensions and “bake” the complete adjusted model to a new OBJ.

Using low latency and high precision camera-based tracking systems, Delta provides a tracked match between virtual and physical worlds by moving the corresponding 3D object in tandem with the physical model.

  • Receive real-time data-stream of multiple points in scene that correspond to points of the physical object.
  • Track projector positions so that both 3D object and projector can move within the scene and still provide matching content on the object.
  • Content stays on the object as it moves, providing countless creative possibilities for theatre productions and live events.

With Mesh Mode’s workflow, go beyond tracking incoming data directly. Invert, reassign and scale incoming data dynamically through the powerful Sequence Editing capability.

Designed by experts in every type of projected and fixed matrix display system. Take full control.

Delta is the ultimate server for large screen cinema, multi-channel digital planetariums, large theatres, flight simulators, and full-scale building projections.

  • Spherical or ellipsoid dome screen layout designer, fisheye media support.
  • In-GUI visualisation of the flat, dome or 3D mesh screen.
  • Composition Mode allows complex LED processor packing of media and output channels.
  • HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, SDI output support, with 8, 10 and 12-bit video modes and media.
  • Real-time movement of channels on the canvas to support flying LED screen automation.
  • RGB and XYZ colour space support.

Our knowledge has built the best display management tools available meaning Delta can perform with any display surface, from regular screens or weird and 3D objects.

Create a new kind of perception with 3D stereo projection and immerse your audience

Delta supports a range of 3D stereo modes including passive stereo, active stereo, anaglyph and chequerboard passive stereo - additional 3D support features include:

  • 3D Content as separate left / right eye movies.
  • 3D Content as single side-by-side or top-bottom movie.
  • Creation of anaglyph stereo in real-time from non-anaglyph content.
  • 3-pin DIN active stereo output (model dependent).
  • Multi-rack synchronisation for multiple active or passive 3D projector support.
  • 3D fulldome support.

Full control and preview of media for spherical or ellipsoid surfaces.

Dome Mode provides an exact view of the ‘real system’ dome surface for optimum alignment preparation. Making things easy for you and your team.

The manual dome alignment refinement can be managed with Delta’s built-in warp & blend controls, or automatically using any of a range of third-party auto-alignment systems. Delta supports fulldome fisheye masters (for example 4K x 4K), playing directly onto the dome in real-time with no requirement for offline carving. Top-end support of a mix of flat, panoramic or channel-mapped media which can be placed on-screen in intuitive angular canvas units. 3D dome media and displays are also supported.

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